Our trainings contributed to over 50% PMI-ACP Certifications in the states of Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. We have 100% pass success rate!

"Today I cleared my PMI-ACP exam. Thank you so much for all your help. The workshop by senior Agile Coach, practice tests, and material is simply great! I recommend Perfonova for sure for someone who reaches me. "
- Gayathri P, PMI-ACP
Date: 26-Feb-2015

"Superb workshop and great support from Perfonova. "
- Sanjay Singh, PMI-ACP
Date: 14-Nov-2014

"With Perfonova and Phalguna, you will also become passinate with Agile :) "
- Raghuram Kamarajugadda, PMI-ACP
Date: 18-Sep-2014

"Phalguna has so much energy and passion for Agile. He supported me round the clock. Amazing experience at Perfonova. "
- Rakesh Lenka, PMI-ACP
Date: 13-Sep-2014

"Great learning at Perfonova. Senior Agile coach like Phalguna is a definite value-add. "
- Muralidhar Nandiwada, PMI-ACP
Date: 03-Sep-2014

"Phalguna and Perfonova are made for Agile :). Awsome agile learing experience. "
- Mahender Domakonda, PMI-ACP
Date: 26-Aug-2014

"I passed my PMI-ACP Exam today. Great learning of pure Agile from Perfonova and you! "
- Anand Kumar Rathod, PMI-ACP
Date: 21-Aug-2014

"It was a great learning experience with Perfonova. The practice site is great! I recommend Perfonova's workshop. "
- Anitha Gandluri, PMI-ACP
Date: 29-Jul-2014

"I passed my PMI-ACP Exam today. It was great learning experience with Perfonova! "
- Sangita Zaparde, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 21-Jul-2014

"Phalgun, Thanks, your workshop honed my agile skills, I am PMI-ACP certified now :) "
- Arun Kasula, PMI-ACP
Date: 16-Jun-2014

"Phalgun, I passed my PMI-ACP Exam today. Your training with agile coaching tips exceptional! "
- Nitin Deshpande, PMI-ACP
Date: 7-Jun-2014

"Agile training by Mr. Phalguna had exceeded my expectations - topic coverage was rich with practical insights from his realtime coaching experience. With the workshop knowledge, the certification exam was a piece of cake. I love the practice tests on the Perfonova site - it was a wonderful tool. Overall my experience with Perfonova in one word: "AWESOME!". "
- Durga Srinivasa Rao (Vasu) Puvvada, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 28-May-2014

"I am happy, I passed my PMI-ACP exam today. Thank you Perfonova for the workshop with solid agile knowledge. "
- Paramkusham Venkata Suman Kumar, PMI-ACP
Date: 21-Jan-2014

"I passed my PMI-ACP exam tdoday. Perfonova's workshop is a great place to learn good agile. Even if one has some agile experience, the training by Mr.Phalguna gives a lot of additional knowledge! "
- Praneeth Kumar Muthayala, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 20-Jan-2014

"I am happy to learn pure Agile concepts explained in simple & best manner by the Coach cum Trainer! "
- Vijay Morampudi, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 06-Jan-2014

"I passed my PMI-ACP exam today, I am happy I chose Perfonova, a pure Agile consulting and training champion in the city of Hyderabad. The workshop by Mr.Phalgun is full of Agile concepts explained in simple & best manner,and his mentoring & coaching tips helped me understand issues from practical perspective as well exam point of view. Their support is simply superb! "
- Aswani Kumar Javvadi, PMI-ACP
Date: 25-Dec-2013

"Hi, I passed my PMI-ACP Exam today. I have received so much encouragement and support from the senior trainer Mr. Phalgun, that motivated me to finish my exam soon. The 3-day workshop covers alomost all the topics that anyone can imagine to be covered in the given time; with so many to practical insights from a coach-cum-trainer. I am happy that we have someone handy in Hyderabad with vast Agile knowledge! Keep up the great passion Mr.Phalgun and Perfonova! "
- Sairam Bendapudi, PMI-ACP, PMP, ITILv3f
Date: 16-Dec-2013

"Great workshop, the coverage of topics in 3 day session is vast and the best part is the training material, and the practice tests provide the knowledge of PMI prescribed 11 books, while providing both practical issues and exam focussed content. Perfornova's passion is best seen from the anytime support they provided, which is unmatcheable! "
- Meheresh Kumar Pothkan, PMP,PMI-ACP, CSM, ITILv3f
Date: 4-Sep-2013

"When I was looking for acquiring additional certification to prove my Agile / Scrum knowledge, I came across Perfonova and attended their workshop. I am happy I did take a right choice, I cleared my PMI-ACP exam today. Mr. Phalguna's passionate training with emphasis on the concepts & essentails of Agile made the workshop more interesting. His passion for training is absolute strength of Perfonova! "
- Arjun Mujundar, PMI-ACP, PSM-I, SMAC
Date: 05-Sep-2013

"Thank you Perfonova for your encouragement in further enhancing my Agile knowledge. I cleared my PMI-ACP exam today. Overall, PMI-ACP syllabus and PMI exam gives wider understanding of Agile knowledge. I enjoyed attending Agile workshop from Perfonova which is highly intese with knowledge and activities! "
- Nirmala Venkatesh, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP
Date: 05-Sep-2013

"Coming from QA background I was wondering when attending the workshop if PMI-ACP training adds any value to me. The workshop helped me hone my Agile concepts & skils, the practice center reinfored my confidence. Every key word that Mr. Phalguna, the senior trainer spoke during the workshop was echoing in my mind during my exam. "
- Sai Krishna Akundi, PMI-ACP
Date: 02-Sep-2013

"I passed my PMI-ACP exam today. Thank you Perfonova for the sound Agile understanding passed on to us during the workshop. The study material provided by you is one the best and the trainer with coaching and solid agile practitioner level expereince added value to me as agile practitioner. "
- Srikanth Kamuni, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP
Date: 30-Aug-2013

"Thank you Perfonova, I am now PMI-ACP certified. Your online practice center, the encyclopedia of agile concepts incorporated into the training material, and the class room workshop by your trainer, Phalguna Ramaraju are exceptional attributes of Perfonova! "
- Kalyana Bellamkonda, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 26-Aug-2013

"I am excited to say I passed my PMI-ACP exam today in proficient grade. Thank you for your unmatcheable support; whenever I called you for support, you responded to the same exceeding my satisfaction. Also, I really am enjoying working in Agile culture. "
- Janardhana Kadiri, PMI-ACP
Date: 27-May-2013

"I want to thank you for the kind support throughout my preparation for PMI-ACP exam. The 3 day classroom training, study material, and mock tests are well cooked as per PMI guidelines. Today I passed PMI-ACP exam with proficient rating. Your prompt responses to my serice requests are true examples of your being Agile!. "
- Pushpinder Singh, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 20-May-2013

"Dear Perfonova, I wanted to thank your senior trainer for his excellent training, support, and encouragement in my preparation for PMI-ACP exam. I passed my PMI-ACP exam today in proficient grade. You are truely Agile in your responses to my requests. "
- Sandeep Bhattaram, PMI-ACP
Date: 14-May-2013

"Vide this message I wanted to thank you for your quick responses to my questions after the classroom workshop and I appreciate you for the superb classroom training, post training support, and the online practice which reinforced my confidence in my preparation for PMI-ACP exam. I passed my PMI-ACP exam today in flying colors!. "
- Ramesh Damgeti, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 13-May-2013

"Dear Perfonova, I am pleased to inform you that I cleared the PMI-ACP exam today afternoon. Your classroom training, workshop material and online access center are highly helpful in my preparation and improving my Agile knowledge. "
- Praveena Kotapothula, PMI-ACP
Date: 29-Mar-2013

"Today I passed my PMI-ACP exam. The classroom workshop by your senior trainer, Phalguna helped me brige the gaps in my practical Agile knowledge, your study material superbly supported in my preperation, along with the online practice site. Honestly, your post-workshop support is amazing and I felt worth every penny of my spent!. You can expect couple of my friends for your upcoming batch, as I referred them today :). "
- Kishore Babu M, PMI-ACP
Date: 22-Mar-2013

"Hello, I passed my PMI-ACP exam today. Thanks a ton for your support from day 1 of workshop all through my preparation. I am happy that I attended your workshop. "
- Kabba Rao Jasti, PMI-ACP
Date: 22-Mar-2013

"Thanks Perfonova, I passed my PMI-ACP exam today. A great experience learing from you, your practice center is awsome with unlimited tests. "
- Hari Krishna Yadlapalli, PMI-ACP
Date: 22-Mar-2013

"Perfonova, I am happy I attended your classroom workshop #7 on Feb 1st, 2nd, 3rd and I cleared my PMI-ACP exam today afternoon - that is in about a month after the workshop. Keep up your great passion for Training & Coaching! I will recommend my friends & colleagues for the upcoming batches. Thank you. "
- Subramanian Ramachandran, PMP, PMI-ACP
Date: 8-Mar-2013

"Dear Perfonova, I am glad to say that I cleared my PMI-ACP exam today afternoon. The combination of your classroom training by the seasoned leader & Agile practitioner, excellent study material, and your practice exam center are great. I enjoyed my participation in your workshop #5. "
- Venkat Ramana Naagaboina, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP
Date: 26-Feb-2013

"Dear Perfonova Team, I was able to pass my PMI-ACP exam in 7 days, all thanks to your excellent study material, great class room workshop and your practice center is unique and gives me improvement opportunities during my practice! "
- Pavan C, PMI-ACP

"Today I passed my CSP exam too in flying colors! Thanks to your passionate delivery of the workshop with excellent concepts and detailed information on Scrum which helped me confidently take my CSP exam (after passing my PMI-ACP exam from your April 2012 workshop). I appreciate your efforts in helping the Agile enthusiasts like me with 3 quality days of training on Agile practices. "
- Pavan C, PMI-ACP,CSP

"I am happy to say today I passed my PMI-ACP exam. Thanks for the unmatchable classroom workshop and Practice Ceter that added value to my knowledge! Great place to learn complete Agile!"
- Koti Reddy Bhavanam, PMI-ACP, CSM, PMP, PSM, SSBB

"I passed my CSP exam too, today. Thanks for the lucid explanation of every topic!"
- Koti Reddy Bhavanam, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, PMP, PSM, SSBB

"Thank you team Perfonova, today (Oct 26th) I passed my PMI-ACP exam. Your classroom workshop, the material provided by you, and your practice center are uniuqe and greatly helped me during my preparation."
- Bharath Koppuravuri, PMI-ACP

"Great classroom workshop along with simple-to-use effective practice center access for mock exams. Simply, I can say it will be a great experience of learning & honing Agile skills for anyone at this 3-day workhop!"
- Vijay Khandrika, PMI-ACP

"Now I can say proudly I am PMI-ACP Certified professional and all because of your 3 days seminar and appreciate your professional coaching on exam point of view and it’s really very nice and presented to us professionally and it contains lot of hidden information, its really informative… The course material is really helpful from the exam point of view that is one of the main reasons I have passed the exam. The application UI is very user friendly, question and answer and explanation is very neat and clear.!"
- Bhaskar Manickavasagam, PMI-ACP

"I am very delighted to share that I passed my PMI-ACP exam today. Thanks to the excellent practice exam site, support during my exam preparaton, and the indepth and consice study material, and the highly interactive workshop!"
- Sarvani Vaddamani, PMP, PMI-ACP

"Team Perfonova, I am happy to share with you that yesterday I passed my PMI-ACP exam. My heart felt thanks to you in making me to prepare for the exam. The study material provided is of excellent content. It has consolidated information collected from all the recommended books / material which climates the necessity to refer to any other recommended books. Also the test center it helped me a lot in identifying my improvement areas / strong areas during my preperation for the exam. The Test Center questions are of quality and helped answering the certification-exam questions. Many thanks to your trainers in giving me enough confidence to take up the exam :) for getting PMI-ACP certification. "
- Jeevan Kollipara, PMP, PMI-ACP

" Thanks Perfonova team, I am happy to say that I cleared PMI-ACP test today(29-Oct-2012). I learned a lot about Agile with you. That not only helped in clearing ACP certification but also improved my work culture.The material and practice tests on your site helped me a lot to clear exam in flying colors."
- Pavan Medishetty, CSM, PMI-ACP

"Dear Perfonova, I would like to thank you a ton for all the inspiration and motivation your trainers gave me to get PMI-ACP certified. I attended your 3 day PMI-ACP training program that covered all the syllabus in detail, and the material is excellent which helped me prepare very well from exam perspeictive :)"
- Vasavi Chakka, PMP, PMI-ACP

"Perfonova Team, Today I passed my PMI-ACP exam. Your unmatched class room training and the high quality Test Center are unique; these helped me to gain more insights to my Agile learning and practical knowledge too. Thanks a ton!)"
- Suresh Muchakurti, PMI-ACP

" I am very happy to inform you that today I have cleared my PMI-ACP exam. The classroom training, the study material and practice tests helped thorough my understanding of Agile practices. Thanks you for all your support.)"
- Kasi Movva, PMI-ACP

"I have successfully completed and passed my PMI-ACP certification exam today. Thank you very much for the valuable training, mock tests, and study material."
- Ramesh Konakalla, PMI-ACP

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